Log Saw Blades for Hygienic Paper Cutting and for other Log Cutting

EDESSÍ's circular knives for cutting all kind of logs and hygienic paper can be found all over the world today.

Referring to our technical possibilities we also offer coatings and different teeth characteristics.

The standard fabrication of our circular knives is available in two different steel qualities:


Proofed (standard) steel qualities,
Chrome-Vanadium-Alloyed tool steel


Excellent steel quality,
Molybdenum-Vanadium-Alloyed with extra high Chrome percentage (ca. 12%), for special high demand to the resistance of abrasion by simultaneous good toughness (lowered c-contant)

We manufacture all possible diameters and thicknesses and usually keep a stock in the current sizes 609,6 - 700 - 810 - 870 - 1000 mm diameter, too.

Smaller knife-sizes mainly for tape cuttings are available from 180 mm diameter up to 800 mm diameter, partially also in stock.

Other steel qualities than mentioned before can be delivered upon request.


Use our know-how which results of a longtime production experience. Quality is the future