Steel Cores

Edessö's steel cores enjoy high reputation and attention in the whole world today. Due to the permanent competition it is a challenge for us to keep our good name, which promises quality and continuity.

The diamond saw and so the steel cores are mass articles today. But there is still a big number of criterions to fulfill which enables a use without any problems. Security to the user, at high simultaneous stress, fast availability, individual solutions, continuous development and correct market prices are predictions for a trustful cooperation.

  • Standard up to 1582 mm diam, hardened 43 +/- 2 HRC and up to 3482 mm diam 38 +/- 3 HRC
  • Laser for dry cut up to 984 diam, LWQ hardened 33-39 HRC
  • Wall saws, 43 +/- 2, simple- + double tooth
  • Detenso, display on-line catalogue, also available with Epoxid-filling
  • Multi up to 1582 diam, closest tolerances, special blades upon request
  • Silencio up to 1184 diam, hardened 43 +/- 2
  • Eco 290-390 diam, hard rolled 26 +/- 3

Steel Cores for Laser-Welding for Dry-Cutting
Steel Cores for Wall Saws
Steel Cores for Multi-Saws
Low Noise Steel Cores
Steel Cores with Detenso-slots
Steel Cores Type 1A1R